ClickTight Colour Burst

  • RM30.00 MYR

ClickTight is a one-click solution to quickly fastening and loosening laces designed to eliminate the headache of loose laces and double knots.
The ClickTight solution clenches the laces of athletic shoes. When you hear the click you know your laces are tight and will remain tight.
To open and take off shoes, runners just need to ‘click’ them open. No hassle of untying double knots.
ClickTight was a finalist in the 2012 Philips Innovation Awards competition and the New Venture Business Plan Competition.
Professional and recreational athletes have tested ClickTight over thousands of miles: our system stays Tight and is durable.
Suitable for use from Elite Athletes to weekend warriors and even children, the easy setup and simple click to lock makes it a breeze.
Watch former Marathon World Record Holder and Elite Marathoner Wilson Kipsang guide you on how to quickly and simply put on your ClickTights -