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What makes a pair of Steigen socks special? What makes it different from all the other branded running socks in the market? Well, the obvious and apparent physical difference is the superb range of bright and cheerful colours, from the aptly named bubblegum purple, to the sherbet yellow and flouro orange.


Beneath the rainbow hues though, lie a background of research and design work that has taken years to perfect and achieve. Steigen socks are the cumulative result of hours and hours of fine-tuning different materials and production techniques to the end manufacturing output you see today.


On the back panel of every packaging is a list of 7 important design elements of Steigen that is embedded into every pair of socks you put your hands on. From the flat toe seam construction that is stitch-free to prevent chafing and discomfort, to the ankle crease reduction channels that stop your socks from bunching over and slipping down your shoes; each element has been put together to complement one another in the built of the final product.

Unlike Steigen socks, most other brands in the market today do not have Y heel design, which holds your foot heel cup from all directions and prevents the sock from slipping under your heel after prolonged usage. The arch support structure in the socks also grips your foot firmly, but comfortably and prevents your foot from moving around and slipping in the shoe. Excessive movements within the shoe are one of the factors that causes blisters, and the arch support element in Steigen socks eliminates that factor.


Adding all of that to the usage of up to 20% Italian LYCRA composition in the socks, as opposed to the cheaper Chinese knock-off spandex materials, Steigen is able to offer a one-size-fits-all system that allows the socks to stretch to fit from a size 5 foot up to a size 12 one. The high-performing LYCRA component doesn't lose its form and your socks are as fitting after 30 or more washes as the day you bought them.


If you haven't got your hands (or feet) on one of these Steigen socks yet, don't wait any longer. Pick one up from our store now!

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