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For today, we're gonna divert from the normal interview sessions and close out our roundup of Run 6 Miles Ambassadors by giving Evelyn a free reign to introduce herself. She is a very popular face amongst the local running community, well-known for her blog http://www.missyblurkit.com and one of the few Malaysians who have covered 200km on foot!!
The floor is all yours, Evelyn!!
My name is Evelyn also known as Missyblurkit. Get to know me better and you will learn that blurness is contagious like a yawn. 
I ran when I was in high school. Stopped for a good 20 years before I started with a 5km fun run which I thought would have killed me - I only kept going because it was a fund raiser attempt with a few other friends. 10km was crazy 21km was even crazier, and to do 42km and anything more, I deemed the person insane and told myself that I will never do it.
But they say “never say never” and here I am running further and trying to run further at the age of 43 having picked it up only 4 years plus ago. 
Running is something that might not appeal to every one. But give it a few tries, with some good company recommended and you will learn that running opens you up to a new world like how it did for me.
Running has taught me to dig deep into myself in the darkest and most painful parts of an ultra marathon. I am not a fast runner so many times, it is just me alone battling fatigue, heat and just about anything including eczema flare ups while making my way to the finish line. 
Running is also my time out from the world where it is just me and my thoughts with the sounds of my foot steps. It is almost a daily reset for me from my long hours at work - life in a creative agency and being a blogger isn’t glamourous - it is long hours at the desktop!
Training is almost a daily affair with 5 days spent pounding the road or dreadmill. Like it or not, some days the only window to run is at 4am before I head out to work so even if it is a 30km run on the treadmill, if it has to be done, it has to be done. 2 days are spent resting or cross training in the pool. After a recent bad bout with patella malt rack on both legs after the 200km race, I realised the importance of cross training and resting. So Mondays and Fridays are spent in the pool, gym or even just sleeping in.
In case anyone wonders if training is hard work…yes it is hard work but it pays off on race day when you have clocked in sufficient mileage and preps for a race. So coupled with some mix and match of gears (shoes, socks, caps including wearing a tutu), making friends along the route (including cats and dogs), each training session is akin to play time except I do mutter some not so nice words when the weather turns too hot or when the hearts and lungs scream out during interval training. But all in all, I love each training session whether I am doing it alone or with my training buddies.
And if you are picking up running or trying to improve your run, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are too slow or lousy. We each run our own race. Give it your best shot, get yourself out of your comfort zone but always listen to your body. 

I don't have any set plans but in my bucket list I would like to run in a desert stage race, run a trail ultra marathon, do a sub 4:15 marathon and run in every Malaysian state.
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